E-3 Visa

Raoof Law PLLC is an employment and immigration law firm located in San Francisco, California. Attorney Saja Raoof is a solo practitioner who focuses her practice exclusively in the area of immigration law, with a particular emphasis on advising clients seeking the E-3 Visa. She is an experienced immigration attorney who can explain the requirements for obtaining the E-3 Visa and help provide the legal advice you need to expedite the process.

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Saja Raoof is an experienced California immigration attorney who has helped many clients obtain the E-3 Visa, along with a wide variety of other employment-related visas. She advises both employees and employers, including foreign nationals, permanent residents, and U.S. companies looking to hire individuals with specialized skills. After practicing immigration law for nearly a decade, she knows that the immigration process can have many pitfalls and is often a time-consuming and complex process. That is why it is her goal to simplify and expedite the immigration process for her clients and to provide the high-quality legal advice they need to get hired.

E-3 Visa

The E-3 Visa is a unique visa that is only granted to Australian nationals seeking work in a specialty occupation. The applicant’s spouse and children are also eligible to receive this visa, and they do not need to be Australian citizens. This visa specifically applies to Australians with specialized skills and education that will be hired by a U.S. company.

Sacramento Area E-3 Visa attorney Saja Raoof has successfully counseled many clients who were granted the E-3 Visa. She has the knowledge and skill to advise whether you may qualify for this visa and can answer all your questions about the application process.

As an experienced immigration attorney, Saja Raoof has learned that each client’s case is unique. She will take the time to fully understand the details of your case and provide the high-quality legal advice you need to resolve your immigration matter as quickly as possible. She works closely with each client to answer all of his or her questions and guides them through every aspect of their immigration case from start to finish. She and her staff will diligently answer any additional questions that may arise so that you can always rely on receiving a timely response.

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At Raoof Law, we represent both businesses and individuals who may require an E-3 Visa to hire the right individual for a job. Attorney Saja Raoof has successfully navigated the immigration system for countless clients and can provide the answers you need to quickly resolve your employment-related immigration issues. Contact our San Francisco, CA office today to schedule a consultation with experienced immigration attorney Saja Raoof.